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Diamond viewing takes place within highly secure, private, and well equipped spaces. CS Diamonds boasts a network of 29 such offices, meticulously designed to comfortably accommodate more than 100 clients at any given time. Our unwavering commitment to 24/7 high end security  guarantees the protection of goods, clients, and staff members. We also  provide dedicated areas both indoor and outdoor relaxation also fostering opportunities for networking with fellow buyers.

Our offices encompass fast internet services to ensure viewing takes place seamlessly. We also provide a catalogue of the goods on display per request thereof.



Producers aspiring to place their goods on tender must hold a valid permit confirming the diamond's origin, in conjunction with a client code issued by the South African Diamonds and Precious Metals Regulator.

We provide comprehensive integrated services, namely sorting, cleansing, and evaluation, thereby equipping producers with the opportunity to attain the best possible price range. Our tenders host international world class buyer's ensuring that prices are kept competitive and on top of the market. All diamonds benefit from comprehensive insurance coverage  during their tenure in our possession.


CS Diamonds stands as a distinguished diamond trading establishment, offering buyers the unique privilege to access expansive assortments of diamonds spanning various sizes and colours. Our impeccable inventory draws global buyers of the highest caliber. 
Diamonds placed on our tenders are meticulously procured through local and ethical channels, underscoring our commitment to responsible sourcing. Participation in our tenders is exclusively extended to licensed and registered buyers.

Due to the substantial demand, viewing appointments are exclusively orchestrated through invitations.

Download Buyers Registraion Form.


We are supported by a team of friendly, proficient, and dedicated tender assistants who are committed to upholding the meticulous handling and care of all diamonds. Their devotion extends to ensuring the seamless execution of the tender procedure while ensuring unwavering impartiality. This approach ensures that every buyer's viewing experience is both pleasant and without any discrepancies.



CS Diamonds takes pride in its notably efficient deep cleaning procedure, commonly known as "boiling," which substantially enhances the value and quality of rough diamonds. Upon the producer's request, boiling can be undertaken for a small fee of R500-00 per tender.

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Bidding is facilitated via a secure online platform, exclusively in US Dollars. The prevailing exchange rate at the time of the tenders closure will be used to calculate the Rand value.
Producers will receive their outcomes on the evening of the tender's closure, affording them the chance to assess and subsequently determine whether to proceed with the sale. Buyers will receive their results on the following day. 

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