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Only registered, licensed buyers are permitted to attend tenders and viewing is done on an invitation and appoint basis only.

Companies wishing to register as a buyer with CS Diamonds must complete an application form (BuyersRegistration) together with the prescribed annexures.


Diamond viewing takes place in a secure, private and homely environment, with security camera’s fitted in every office.


Producers wishing to place goods on tender are required to provide a valid permit from which the diamonds were obtained as well as a client code allocated by the South African Diamonds and Precious Metals Regulator. (Seller Information Form)

For the producer we provide an integral service whereby the product is sorted, cleaned and evaluated, affording the producer the opportunity to attain the desired price range. This circumvents a scenario whereby the smaller producers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous buyers.

CS Diamonds boasts with a very effective deep cleaning process, also known as boiling, which radically enhances the price of rough diamonds. Boiling can be done on request by the producer at a cost of R500-00 per tender.

All diamonds are insured in full while in our possession.

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