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Get to Know Us

CS Diamonds (Pty) Ltd was founded in 1998 by directors and brothers-in-law, Benjamin Cloete and Michael Smith.

Benjamin Cloete, serving as CEO, embodies the qualities of an assertive, self-made visionary entrepreneur. As a third-generation miner and seasoned businessman, his extensive experience and knowledge spans over 35 years in the mining and diamond industry.

Michael Smith, the COO, brings his expertise as a qualified accountant with a specialization in B.Com Internal Auditing. His exceptional financial acumen, business proficiency and expertise in the feild are instrumental in the company's operations.

Together, their diverse backgrounds in the diamond industry and substantial mining experience exceeding three decades empower them to steer the company towards sustainable growth. Their combined efforts seamlessly integrate diamond trading and consulting, fostering a dynamic and successful business venture.



CS Diamonds has emerged and established itself as a prominent landmark and distinguished cornerstone within the renowned diamond city of Kimberley, known for its unwavering dedication to transparency and integrity within the industry.  Furthermore, the company has gained widespread recognition for its unparalleled quality and extensive selection of natural diamonds, solidifying its reputation as a trusted entity among both miners and buyers alike.



Throughout their 26 years of operation, CS Diamonds has cultivated exceptional relationships and fostered unwavering trust with local diamond producers in South Africa, as well as with buyers spanning the globe, including key markets such as Israel, India, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Russia, and numerous others. These robust partnerships played a pivotal role in enabling CS Diamonds to sustain international trade activities even during challenging times.

CS Diamonds has a meticulous selection process by only inviting top class dealers to ensure a competitive bidding environment, fostering accuracy and alignment with prevailing market dynamics while also maximizing returns for producers.



CS Diamonds has solidified enduring partnerships with major producers, ensuring a consistent and diverse supply of diamonds encompassing various qualities and sizes.

The paramount focus at CS Diamonds remains the well-being and prosperity of their producers.

The company is unwavering in its commitment to securing the best possible prices for them. To achieve this goal, CS Diamonds offers an integral service that includes meticulous sorting, cleansing (boiling), and evaluation of the product. This comprehensive approach empowers producers to target their desired price range effectively, safeguarding them from potential exploitation



CS Diamonds takes immense pride in their distinguished reputation, which precedes them within the industry. Notably, the company has never faced blacklisting and boasts exceptional relationships with regulators and the diamond board. Through unwavering dedication, trust, a dynamic team, and steadfast relationships, CS Diamonds has even managed to achieve prices above the average during times of recession. This remarkable feat underscores their resilience, integrity, and unparalleled commitment to excellence.

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