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Honesty, Transparency & Outstanding Quality

CS Diamonds has become an established landmark in the Diamond city of Kimberley and a household name in miners’ and buyers’ homes for their transparency and honesty in this trade, as well as for the outstanding quality and wide range of production they offer.


Ongoing Commitments

They have also secured ongoing commitment from major producers, who steadily supply them with an immense variety of diamonds, covering all qualities and sizes. 

CS Diamonds’ number one priority is to take care of their producers- the miners. They are adamant about their producers receiving the best price possible. They, therefore provide an integral service whereby the product is sorted, cleaned (boiled) and evaluated, affording the producer the opportunity to attain the desired price range. This circumvents a scenario whereby the smaller producers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous buyers.


Excellent Relationships

During their 22 years of trading they have created excellent relationships and built up tremendous trust with the local diamond producers in South Africa, as well as with buyers from all over the world including Israel, India, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, America, Russia and so many others. These strong relationships ensured that CS Diamonds could continue with International trading during the COVID19-Lockdown period. Buyers are extremely confident and secure in CS Diamonds’ evaluations that they bought goods based on a mere photo or word from their Directors. CS Diamonds have more than 300 licenced buying companies on their database but to ensure that producers receive the highest price possible, they only invite their top 100 companies to their tender. This ensures that bids stay competitive and accurate to the market.


Immense Dedication

CS Diamonds pride themselves in the fact that their reputation precedes them. They have never been blacklisted, they have astounding relationships with regulators and the diamond board and due to immense dedication, trust, a dynamic team and unfaltering relationships they were even able to achieve above average prices in times of recession.

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